Think and Adjust if it works for YOU!

OK.... Wing Chun video on a knife and stick website??

I don't know the first thing about Wing Chun but as a follow up to the previous Blog post, this video by Dominick Izzo is intriguing to me. I like how, as an instructor, he adjusts his style to make it a "fightable" art. These are the guys that are forward thinkers. They tinker, challenge the norm, and transition from art to realty.

Remember when you started your training? Your instructors were "gods". You learned every thing they said. You defended why your art/ style/ technique was the best. And if you were like me, somewhere between year 1 and 2, you started to wonder "when the hell can I pull this off in a real fight". If you participated in open sparring at your school, you quickly discovered that you reverted back to the basics. Natural gross motor skills. You only used your "tricky" maneuvers after you stunned your partner and knew you had time to set up that spinning back kick because he was seeing stars.

So watch the video and notice how he carefully analyzes weight distribution, leaving yourself open, etc. Now think about your art. Any weak spots in there? Should you refine them or toss them? What are your go to techniques and will they work in a real fight?

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