Bodyguard FLASH Escrima Stick

The Flash Escrima Stick is available in 6 lengths. This is a lightweight stick suitable for competition, new students, and where low impact is desired. The Flash stick has the thinnest wall thickness of all versions and is susceptible to bending if hit against rigid target such as poles. Recommended only for moderate stick against stick or soft pell work. Price is per stick.

Type Diam. Oz's. Notes
Straight grain smooth rattan 1" 6.4 Lightweight stick. Very smooth grain
TAK Bodyguard "Flash" 1" 6.6 Lightweight polymer stick; very fast & strong
 Straight grain plain rattan 1" 7.5 Entry level stick for speed
 Rattan w/ nodes, sample 1 1" 8 Traditional classroom stick
 TAK Bodyguard "Speed" 1" 8.1 Polymer stick close in weight to lighter rattan
 Waxwood 15/16" 8.6 Smooth stick; no nodes
 TAK Bodyguard "Force" 7/8" 9 Smaller diameter middle weight stick
 Rattan w/ nodes, sample 2 1" 9 Traditional classroom stick
 TAK Bodyguard "Impact" 1" 9.7 Polymer stick close in weight to rattan
 Bahi 7/8" 11.3 Heavier small diameter stick; very dense wood 
 TAK Bodyguard "Max" 1" 13  Polymer stick, near kamagong weight, not as rigid
Rattan, big grip, sample 1 1 3/8" 13  Very large grip, used for strength training
Kamagong 7/8" 13.2  Heavy, strength training, too heavy for sparring
Cold Steel Polypropylene 1" 13.6  Heavy, manufacturer's specs are 32" at 15 + oz's
Kamagong 15/16" 14.6 Heavy, strength training, too heavy for sparring
Rattan, big grip, sample 2 1 3/8" 15 Very large grip, used for strength training

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