Sharpening Kit

OK, we like the high end sharpening systems that are out there too. However, what are you going to do when the apocalypse hits and zombies are chasing you through the woods? Are you going to have an Edge Pro or Wart Hog in your bug out bag? No! You're going to have one of our very useful small sharpening stones that you can adapt to any edge angle, fishhook, or side cutters that you own.

This USA made Dan's Whetstone sharpening stone measures 4" x 1" x 3/8". Made from Soft (Medium Grit) Arkansas novaculite which is the most versatile for general purpose sharpening. This kit includes the stone, anti-slip pad, instructions, and bottle of sharpening mineral oil in a thick zip lock bag for storage.

This stone will allow you to keep a very good edge on your tool with a little practice. Focus on finding the correct edge angle by running a Sharpie along the knife edge. Then make 1 or 2 passes at an angle you think may be close. Check the edge and see where you are removing the Sharpie mark. Adjust your angle till you are working the extreme edge. Work aggressively while holding a consistent angle to raise a burr. Flip the knife and do the same on the other side. Feel for the burr with your finger on each side. To remove the burr, run the knife down the stone lengthwise to make the edge straight. Takes some practice to get really good but it is a valuable skillset to know and you will impress the hell out of your friends!

You do not have to use the included sharpening oil but if you want a finer finish- use it. However, once you soak the stone, you will need to keep using it to avoid clogging. Clean your stone after every couple of uses so the grit remains exposed.

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