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SofStx Padded Thin & Thick Escrima Sticks with 6" Handle, Hollow Core

These sticks come with a rigid 6" handle and lightweight hollow cores. They are very quick but safe. Handle has 1/2" of padding on the punyo for safer strikes. Moderate degree of flex so minimal energy is transferred to partner but enough that you get a "smack". Thin or thick foam covered with vinyl make for the safest padded sticks.

Thin or Thick? Thin is faster due to less air resistance and will give more "sting" on really hard hits. Thick will be a little slower due to air resistance and the strike will be spread out over a larger area but there is a little more "punch" vs. a "sting" due to the increased weight.

 Length (in) Diameter ~ Weight (oz)
21 Thin 6
21 Thick 6.5
25 Thin 6.5
25 Thick 7.5
28 Thin 7.5
28 Thick 8.5

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