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Since 2002, TAK Training Knives have been used in Martial Arts schools, Special Forces training classes, TSA training schools, and Police/ Sheriff Departments. TAK Polycarbonate Training Blades are used worldwide when life threatening situations are practiced for maximum reality.


Updated 2-6-16: SGM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete: Much Respect!

February 06, 2016

Sad news indeed. GM Canete has passed away Feb 5, 2016. Please send your prayers and regards to the family. A Legend has passed. This is a dark day but lets give thanks to his teachings and knowledge that was passed on and feel some comfort that he will be a legend forever. A message from the family: IN DEEP SORROW MY FAMILY AND I REGRET TO ANNOUNCE THE PASSING OF OUR BELOVED FATHER SUPREME GRANDMASTER (SGM) CIRIACO “CACOY” DELA CUESTA CANETE. SGM CACOY WAS THE LAST FOUNDING LEADERS OF THE OLDEST ESKRIMA ORGANIZATION IN THE PHILIPPINES - DOCE PARES. MOREOVER HE WAS THE LAST OF THE GREAT ORIGINAL TEACHERS AND DEVELOPERS OF THE UNIQUE FILIPINO COLTURAL ART OF ESKRIMA THAT...

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Fred Mastro Choke Hold Defense!

January 08, 2016

Check out this great video showing Fred Mastro breaking a choke hold. Reality based technique very effective but you do need to practice the maneuver. Simple, gross motor skills which can be executed while being shoved backwards.

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Gotta Love Physics!

December 02, 2015

This is a great video that explains, very simply, how a wider surface area spreads energy. Of course, this is the concept behind TAK Polycarbonate Training Knives. A wider surface area and light weight allow higher intensity, and therefore more realistic training. A step further gets you to Nok Hard Contact Training Knives where padding is added into the mix. Jason Thalken, a physicist, has produced a series of very interesting videos explaining the dynamics behind fighting, impact, momentum, etc. I really enjoyed the videos and think they are worth watching. If you are a fighter, you have a basis to understand what he is talking about since you have experienced it. If you are a beginner, his discussions could...

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Reality Based Training!

November 08, 2015

Surfing some of my favorite MA sites the other day and came across a post on Brian VanCise's "Instinctive Edge" web page that referenced these videos. No matter how or what you train- the type of reality based training in the below videos has to be practiced. All the flow drills in the world will not prepare you for a real attack. Listen carefully to what Deane Lawler is saying. The key takeaway is that there is no prior warning in most cases. He's not talking about a bar brawl where escalation occurs and you know it's going to happen. He is talking about a criminal who is going to be as effective and crude as possible to disable you. Basically- an ambush....

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