Training Knives, Training Swords, Escrima Sticks, and Training Batons for Martial Arts, Law Enforcement, and Military- It's All Here ! 
Training Knives by TAK :  
 •  allow harder training; produce Less Pain 
 •  have a Wide Chamfered Striking Surface 
 •  Special Frosted Finish for Visual Tracking 
 •  Training Blades in over 60 styles and sizes 
Paracord / Parachute Cord : 
 •  550 Paracord & 650 Paracord Available 
 •  NEW- Type 1 Accessory Cord ! 
Escrima Sticks & Training Batons- Indestructible : 
 •  Bodyguard Escrima Sticks in 4 weights! 
 •  Guardian Training Batons in 10 Lengths! 
Knife, Stick, Combatives DVD's & Books : 
Michael Janich
Dwight McLemore
Kelly Worden
Christopher Petrilli
Joseph Simonet
Bram Frank
James Keating
Kelly McCann
Virtual Blade Marking Systems for Training 
•  Two lengths available, 7" & 15" 
•  Multiple colors of chalk for partner training 
Since 2002, TAK Training Knives have been used in Martial Arts schools, Special Forces training classes, TSA training schools, and Police/ Sheriff Departments. TAK Polycarbonate Training Blades are used worldwide when life threatening situations are practiced for maximum reality.
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Expandable Sheath for Training Knives and Batons- Watch the Video
How strong is aTAK Knife made of Polycarbonate? Watch the video