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Since 2002, TAK Training Knives have been used in Martial Arts schools, Special Forces training classes, TSA training schools, and Police/ Sheriff Departments. TAK Polycarbonate Training Blades are used worldwide when life threatening situations are practiced for maximum reality.


Reality Based Training!

November 08, 2015

Surfing some of my favorite MA sites the other day and came across a post on Brian VanCise's "Instinctive Edge" web page that referenced these videos. No matter how or what you train- the type of reality based training in the below videos has to be practiced. All the flow drills in the world will not prepare you for a real attack. Listen carefully to what Deane Lawler is saying. The key takeaway is that there is no prior warning in most cases. He's not talking about a bar brawl where escalation occurs and you know it's going to happen. He is talking about a criminal who is going to be as effective and crude as possible to disable you. Basically- an ambush....

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November 13-15, 2015: Virginia Beach, VA – “MBC on the Beach” with Michael Janich

October 14, 2015

In this seminar, Michael Janich presented comprehensive instruction in the fundamental skills of his Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system and expanded on those skills to introduce progressive training methods that support higher skill development with edged and improvised weapons. The 2015 MBC on the Beach event also featured an expanded three-day format to include Janich’s streamlined approach to stick and long-blade fighting (Sobadiwan Eskrima), unarmed combative skills, ground fighting tactics, and other instructional topics based on student interests. Michael will be back in 2016 (Veteran's Day Weekend) for another session. If you have any questions, contact the event host and promoter: Gary Mah at garymah3@cox.net or 757-589-4030

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SGM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete: Much Respect!

September 04, 2015

Amazing skills! Please enjoy watching Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete at ~ 89. This man is an inspiration. Do you think you will still be able to do this at 89? 79? 69? Much respect to SGM Canete and his system "Cacoy Doce Pares".

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Big Escrima Sticks !

August 23, 2015

Every so often, we would get a request for a larger than 1" diameter stick. Large practitioners that can or want to handle the heavier weights now have 2 new options to pick from, the +P at 17 ounces and the +P+ at 21 ounces. These heavy sticks also do a good job of bridging into what you might be using for an improvised weapon. To be honest, when we first started working with them, they would wear you out. However, you get used to it and it is very satisfying to wallop a pell or bag! Since all of our Bodyguard Escrima Sticks use the same polymer, there is no shock transmitted to the hand. These sticks can withstand any amount of...

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