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About Us

Back in 2002, training FMA 3 times a week, left all of us bruised and wondering how to get the proper intensity into the training while keeping it reality based.

The search for proper materials and emphasis on correct design is what leads us to this lineup of Training Knives and Escrima Sticks today.

TAK's use of synthetic polymers provide the proper level of near indestructible strength that allow extreme hard training on dummy's/ bags/ pells and moderate to high intensity training with a partner.

Our goal is to make something you will use on a regular basis because it is the perfect training tool and it lasts forever!

We are just a few guys that focus on making the best training equipment possible. Give us a call at (804) 461-8183 if you have any questions or just click the "E Mail Us" link at the bottom of any page.

Thanks, John

804 461-8183

Comments from our great customers:

Hi John, Got my replacement sticks and my new knives today, I've never had anything shipped to me so fast. To say your customer support is excellent is an understatement. Your customer service is better than I can get from my own family. You rock and your company and its product rock. I will recommend TAK Knife to all my martial arts friends, I look forward to my JKD class tonight, where I can show off all my new toys. I wish you continued success.



My name is Bill Quinto and I am a student of Mike " Dogzilla " Tibbitts . Mike recommended to me to get your training knives & I am very happy and impressed with the quality of your knives .I will be buying more stuff from your company in the future . Thanks for the beverage " coozies " Mahalo and Aloha
Extremely satisfied customer , Bill Quinto


Using the training firearm (G17 Impactor) you made. For gun disarms, my students love it. It has been through some serious training the last couple months and is holding up like a champ. A lot less injured fingers on the training floor as well without that trigger guard. Also have had them wrestling for it in some weapon retention drills and it has performed great there as well! The rod in the barrel makes all the difference. It is the only training gun that I use now.

Steven J. Chin, Direct Action Training, Inc.


Thanks for all the great gear, has made a world of difference in my training and teaching. Found that the G17 also makes a great chew toy when my housemates 85lb pit bull got into my gear bag. Actually held up surprisingly well and he enjoyed it immensely but I do need a new one. Thanks again.

Scott Ford, VT


This is the third time I have ordered from your company and I have been impressed each time.  With the product and the service provided. Our group works in the FMA arena, specifically Kombatan.  We have been active long enough that we started creating some of our own gear (aluminum or wood trainers) and when we came across your product the quality ( sturdy/ usable / thoughtful design) was apparent. 

Respectfully, Deputy Narciso Narvais, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office


I have never regretted having the first order made of the Swiss Army and Box Cutters all those years ago. I have all but one of each still in our Frick Park Kali Klub training gear. The one SAK and one Box Cutter went off to the Marine Corps with one of our youths grown to manhood and off to the Corps, Thanks for making them for us, and for all your other products that we have been using since.

Joseph Sullivan
The Frick Park Kali Klub
Thank you for our recent shipment of TAKKNIFE tools - great as always and we really appreciate the speediness with which you got it to us!  I hope you are having a great summer.  Love the design of the new website - great look and functionality. We've had a number of our students purchasing their tools from you and have been utilizing them in practice with great success.  Everybody loves them (naturally)!
Best Wishes,
Terry and Frederick
Thanks for supporting us. The (Karambit) trainers were a big hit and everyone loved them.
Mike Wolhfert, Justifiable Force Training
WOW, I don't know how you got them to me so fast but I got them yesterday and took them to my class and showed the owner and another instructor. They really liked the sheaths. Like your website a little too much, like candy shop for kid. I see the trainer and then go look at the knife and think hmmm... Then reality sets in and I am back to work :)

 Thanks again and I was very impressed with shipping and your knowledge. I enjoyed the phone call discussions also.
Roderick Smith
RSS Business Consulting
I just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping. I received my order yesterday (after only ordering on Feb 1st so it was quick to get to Canada), and I am very impressed with the 26 inch Impact stick. The grip tape made a world of difference on it for holding as well. I would also like to thank you for the complementary water bottle, and the mint, and gum :). I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.
David Bacon, Kali Ilustrisimo Edmonton.