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Since 2002, TAK Training Knives have been used in Martial Arts schools, Special Forces training classes, TSA training schools, and Police/ Sheriff Departments. TAK Polycarbonate Training Blades are used worldwide when life threatening situations are practiced for maximum reality.


New Aku Strike Training Knives!

April 07, 2017

Well, this is long overdue! Finally there is a training knife that emits a light and/ or a beep when contact is made on the tip or cutting edge. 2 different colored lights (switch selectable) make it suitable for distinguishing who made the cut. We have been testing these for a few weeks now and feel confident that they are going to a be a valuable asset in your gear bag when it's time to amp up into reality based training. This trainer is available in a clear polycarbonate or nickel finish blade. Both look and work great so it really is just a matter of preference. The clear blade has indents, grooves, and text embedded so the light really...

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Think and Adjust if it works for YOU!

January 28, 2017

OK.... Wing Chun video on a knife and stick website?? I don't know the first thing about Wing Chun but as a follow up to the previous Blog post, this video by Dominick Izzo is intriguing to me. I like how, as an instructor, he adjusts his style to make it a "fightable" art. These are the guys that are forward thinkers. They tinker, challenge the norm, and transition from art to realty. Remember when you started your training? Your instructors were "gods". You learned every thing they said. You defended why your art/ style/ technique was the best. And if you were like me, somewhere between year 1 and 2, you started to wonder "when the hell can I...

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Keep It Simple!

January 28, 2017

This is a really good clip from Funker Tactical. It's important to know how to use improvised weapons such as a flashlight, palm stick, Worden Travel Wrench or Saf-T-Wrench,  etc. There are times when you cannot carry a gun or even a knife (try to get in a concert now with a knife let alone TSA). Empty hands is usually your starting point in a fight. Having something you can transition to or even better, have at the ready when needed, will give you an extra margin of effectiveness IF you use it properly. And that's what I like about this video. It shows the use of gross, natural motor skills in the strikes and for some of you, you see...

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Alamo Stick Fighting Championship, .January 28, 2017

December 24, 2016

The tournament will be hosted by Siete Pares Escrima in San Antonio TX. Categories; Single Stick Double Stick Multi weapon Long Stick 36" Single knife Double knives (All padded) RULES FOR THE SINGLE STICK/ DOUBLE STICK / LONG STICK/ MULTI WEAPON: NO WEKAF - Modified Point sparring with a 3 hit total strikes max if all the strikes are to the hands, arms, legs and body before breaking the fighters so the 3 judges could call points before immediately restarting the match. Points: 1 Round - 5 minute continues round. Please call for Knife Rules (210) 367-1877. Mastro Erik Buenaflor, SietePares777@outlook.com Cost: Registration Fee before January 13th is $30 which will include one event and $10 each additional event you wish to...

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