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NOTICE: As of Nov 13, 2022, we are still waiting for raw material prices to come down before resuming manufacturing.

TAK Escrima sticks are nearly indestructible yet are perfect for partner training. The last pair of Escrima sticks you will ever need to buy!

Type Diam. Oz's. Notes
 TAK Bodyguard "Speed" 1" 8.1 Polymer stick close in weight to lighter rattan
 TAK Bodyguard "Impact" 1" 9.7 Polymer stick close in weight to rattan
 TAK Bodyguard "Max" 1" 13 Polymer stick, near kamagong weight, not as rigid
 TAK Bodyguard "+P" 1 1/8" 17 Heavy, for strong, large practitioners
 TAK Bodyguard "+P+" 1 1/4" 21 Very heavy, strong with large hands, strength training
From www.FMAtalk.com:
Well, I received my TAK 26" Bodyguard (Impact) Sticks today and I must say that I am impressed. First off, everyone that knows me knows that I love rattan for partner training and kamagong for individual training. In the past I have owned several varieties of synthetic sticks and really not one of them met up to my standards. The TAK Sticks were simply awesome in feel and similarity in vibrational standards to rattan. The weight felt right and when hitting something the sticks absorbed the right amount of the vibration so that it was comparable to rattan. Here is the real upside, I smacked, banged them against a tire, heavybag, together, rattan, floor and guess what not a dent, ding or scrape. Nothing, these things feel like they are going to last for a long, long, long time. These are great synthetic sticks that really in my opinion are better than any I have tried before.
Brian R. VanCise;   www.instinctiveresponsetraining.com

Escrima Stick Evaluation: The Background

During the early stages of Escrima stick development years ago, every synthetic and non-natural material that was available was tested- rigorously. Everything from fiberglass to nylon to carbon fiber to aluminum to polycarbonate.

Hands down, we and everyone else who tried them, kept picking up one particular stick (the original Impact model) that had the best characteristics that we all wanted:

weight ranges close to rattan,

reduced shock,

and indestructible.

These are sticks (with the exception of the Flash) you can hit against a telephone pole as hard as you like and then carry into the studio for partner training. As luck would have it, the material cost was high! So, a decision had to be made; carry a less than perfect Escrima stick that the customer might use occasionally or have to be replaced, or carry an expensive stick that lasts forever and covers the entire range of training. The later was chosen.

Consider this, the next time you buy an inexpensive Escrima stick for half the price, the next one you buy would have paid for your Bodyguard Stick that you will never replace!

 Many Options = Selection Confusion? Here are some tips: 

New Practitioner: If you are just starting your Escrima stick training, in most cases, you will be happier with the lighter/ moderate weight Bodyguard Escrima sticks such as the Speed or Impact. The weight difference makes a BIG difference in how the stick feels and the impact it delivers when striking. It is more than you would imagine if you have never tried it (or felt it)! This allows for more "mistakes" when partner training. Try the Speed if you have limited upper body strength or the Impact if you are strong.

Experienced Practitioner: If you are satisfied with how your rattan or wax wood sticks feel now, use a Postage Scale to determine which is the closest to your favorite. Most likely, it will be a Speed, Force, or Impact.

Strength Training: If you already use kamagong or have wanted a heavier stick for strength or pell training, then by all means, pick up the Bodyguard Max. The +P and +P+ are for extreme strength conditioning or for practitioners that have big hands/ are very strong.

Competition: If you are competing, use the Speed since its lighter weight will give the fastest response to score points. Check with the rules committee to insure they will allow a synthetic stick.

• Length: It is best to ask your instructor. Different styles dictate the length and that may be combined with your body size/ arm length. If you are solo training, here is a rule of thumb you can try: Under 5'4" height, use 24". Between 5'5" and 5'10", use 26". Over 5'10", use 28". Now factor this in addition to your height: If you want a length for practical close range training, pick a shorter length. Bottom line is that the length involves multiple factors: style, body geometry, and "why are you training?".

• LEO Training: Most agencies are using the Speed model if they are not using our actual TAK Training Batons. The Speed is lightweight but strong and will hold up to day to day training classes.

Attention LEO Training Instructor's: For baton training with our Bodyguard Sticks, you can pick between two sheaths which rotate. Most of you are using grip tape on the sticks so this acts as the perfect "stop" when re-holstering. This sheath will make a very secure hold on the stick while allowing good rotation for drawing/ sitting.

Note: The Force & Flash models have been discontinued.