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 Gun training requires specific equipment depending upon the task being performed:

- A Real gun is needed for live fire (target practice) and dry fire (holster draw/ bringing into battery).

- Simulation guns are used for classroom scenario training which replicates shooting a target.

- A Model/ Dummy gun is used for hand-to-hand exercises such as gun strips/ disarms, fighting with an armed assailant, striking/ being struck with a gun.

And, that is where the TAK Impactor Training Gun excels! Finally there is a Training Gun that allows fighting scenarios to be acted out accurately and reduce the chance of injury greatly.

 - Made from lightweight durable compressible rubber foam with or without a steel rod in the barrel allows for disarm drills that involve impact.

- The open trigger guard allows for strips without finger injury.

- All corners and sights are rounded to prevent cuts/ scrapes.

- Tip and magazine baseplate are Safety Orange so the gun can be identified as a training tool in the hand or holster.

Use the TAK Impactor Training Gun when you are training hand-to-hand as if your life depends on it!