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More than a training tool, these Bulldog Batons pack a serious punch for training and self defense. Great for cars, walks, and anywhere you cannot carry a handgun.

Select sharp tip and punyo for maximum compliance value against soft tissue.

Select smooth tip and punyo for training against soft training targets.

Select from 2 different models of TAK sheaths for belt carry. 1) The "Sheath- Clip Elastic Flex" is an economical solution for carry and practice. It provide enough flex that drawing is easy. If you are just walking with your baton, this is all you need. 2) For even more adjustability, use the "Sheath- Rotating Clip  Nylon Stretch". It's multiple positions are great for sitting in a car/ chair or positioning the baton for a cross draw. This sheath has a much snugger fit also. When using this sheath, place the baton in it for a day before 1st use to make the sheath conform.


Check your state and local laws about baton ownership and carry.