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Keen Edge makes the finest aluminum training knives you will ever handle. We are happy and very proud to have teamed up with Steve Rollert to carry the most popular models he produces.

So... many of you know that we promote tools for hard hand to hand training. To that end, aluminum trainers are not for everybody.

If you are a multi-year FMA practitioner, have great control, train with solid partners that know the flow drills, are doing stage work (acting), or want to train hard on a pell.... then aluminum trainers are a great choice.

If you are training for reality with hard strikes, jabs, butt strikes, etc., do not use aluminum trainers.... you WILL injure your partner. If you are a beginner or have limited control or have not learned your drills with a consistent set of partners, do not use aluminum trainers.

So, please be careful. Be nice to your partner so they will want to train with you again. If training with someone new or attending a seminar, use a polycarbonate TAK trainer or padded Nok knife since even though your skill sets are great, the person in front of you might not be at your level.