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The TAK Dan Bong is made from the same indestructible material as our Escrima sticks. You will not have splinters, breaks, or chips with our Dan Bong stick.

We took the traditional Dan Bong and added a new feature that will appeal to FMA practitioners. These have 2 additional chamfered holes higher than traditional Dan Bong sticks so that you can make an effective punyo to bring the butt end into play. Just select the hole that positions the stick as you would like it! All the way at the bottom for Hapkido mode with maximum snapping action or either of the other 2 holes for FMA mode with punyo!

3 diameters = 3 weights. The +P model is considered the norm but select the +P+ if you want maximum "whack" and the Max if you want maximum speed & snapping action.