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December 24, 2017


“Fake” Nok Knives…. Beware!

Over the past months, I have had multiple groups and customers tell me of their Nok “styled” knives breaking or falling apart. So I dug into the situation and found that one or more companies have copied the look of a Nok knife and internet retailers are selling them online, sometimes as “Nok styled knives”.

Obviously this is affecting Nok’s reputation since people are wary and can’t tell the difference by photos. Nok knives are very distinctive in looks and this makes it very confusing to consumers.

Please feel free to repost this to get the word out! Thanks’ from John & Nok.

Here are several pictures and an email from one customer that purchased a “knock off” Nok knife.

Customer’s email:

Hi, I am interested in purchasing a Nok Machete (training) unfortunately; I have had a bad experience the last time I purchased a training knife like the one I am looking at (it is was not from you guys). The first time I engaged it in a disarm drill it snapped in half, the place where I got it from said it was not meant to be used for contact drills, only for solo work? Is this the case with this machete, as it is for use in live defense drills not to just swing around?

Nok knives have been around for over 15 years and they are highly crafted and made from very strong hardwoods and padded material. They are made in Thailand by Nok herself. Nok and her husband, Randy Hodges, are very well respected in the AMOK world and generate some of the best reality based training knives on the market. They will stand up to hard contact training against other Nok knives and will tolerate disarm drills, floor slams, and anything you can dish out to them in a hand to hand combat scenario. (Do not use them against aluminum training knives or face masks since that can tear the padded surface)

Other than TAK, Nok knives can also be purchased in the United States from:

Instinctive Response Training (Brian Vancise)

October 09, 2017


Polycarbonate Training Swords!

All TAK Training Knives & Swords (except Compressor series) are made from polycarbonate. We use 3/8" thick material which gives a wider striking surface to displace impact force.

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate? Outstanding impact strength! No other thermoplastic comes close to matching the impact strength of polycarbonate, making it the ideal material for TAK Training Knives & Swords. You can wail our swords against a hard pell 110% all day long and the sword will win!

Here is an excellent video from National Cycle demonstrating their superior polycarbonate windshields. Keep in mind that these windshields are only 3/16" thick vs. the 3/8" material we use on TAK trainers!

September 04, 2017


Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo with the TAK Bulldog Baton!

Many thanks to Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo for the nice review of the TAK Bulldog Baton. We developed the fixed Bulldog Baton to fill a need... an option for when concealed carry is not allowed. You will typically have a few tools and skillsets in your bag of tricks but a good impact tool that is simple to deploy and effective at close range can be a game changer! If you think you can deploy and lock an expandable baton when its "go" time, as they say in the movies, "your going to have your ass handed to you". There are 2 sheath options for the TAK Bulldog. Strap one on your belt and get into action fast!
September 04, 2017


Bob Kramer Knife Making... Very Cool!

Here is a fun video where Anthony Bourdain visits Bob Kramer's shop. Bob makes a kitchen knife from a meteorite! Much respect to Bob for his craft and the knowledge he has acquired. When you see a guy like this making knives from scratch, you can imagine the many years of trials and experimentation that gets you to perfection. Enjoy!

Blade Show 2017!

If you love knives.... you'll love Blade Show!

Everything is there. The major companies, custom makers, materials suppliers, machinery manufacturers. Enough to keep you gawking for 2-3 days easy.

John from TAK will be at the show. No booth but just to make contact with all of our friends. If you need trainers made for a live blade you are producing or just want to say hello, drop us an email and we'll send you his cell phone number so you can touch base at the show.

Blade Show Info

April 07, 2017


New Aku Strike Training Knives!

Well, this is long overdue! Finally there is a training knife that emits a light and/ or a beep when contact is made on the tip or cutting edge. 2 different colored lights (switch selectable) make it suitable for distinguishing who made the cut.

We have been testing these for a few weeks now and feel confident that they are going to a be a valuable asset in your gear bag when it's time to amp up into reality based training.

This trainer is available in a clear polycarbonate or nickel finish blade. Both look and work great so it really is just a matter of preference. The clear blade has indents, grooves, and text embedded so the light really picks up these items and the blade is easy to see. It also "glows" more since the clear helps with the light transmission.



January 04, 2017


Combat Tomahawk with Doug Marcaida

In this series of videos from Funker Tactical, Doug Marcaida gives a great tutorial on how to use a small hawk for practical fighting. This is great info and I'm really glad to see this type of quality instruction from Funker and Mr. Marcaida! Enjoy!
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