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SofStx Padded Police Training Batons with Hollow or Nylon Core

*** The Police Training Batons are being merged into another category. The sticks here have a slightly larger grip diameter which is negligible. The new category allows us to offer a wider variety of escrima sticks / training batons in one location. ***

These Police Training Batons are designed to replicate an ASP style baton. Available in 21" or  26" length to replicate the two most common carry lengths.

Hollow Core or Nylon Core? Hollow is faster and inflicts less energy. Nylon is a little slower, produces more impact, and is stronger.

If you are doing occasional use, the hollow core will be fine. If you are a defensive tactics instructor and you are running classes day after day, the nylon core will serve you better since it will last longer. Both hollow and nylon have about the same moderate amount of flex.

The Police Training Batons also have a larger 1 1/8" diameter grip to replicate actual carry batons. 

 As with all vinyl covered sticks, do not use against hard or sharp targets. Only use soft protective gear. If you are suiting up, use gear that does not have hard guards or shields. These are great for minimal protective gear training. Always use eye protection! 

 Length (in) Core ~ Weight (oz)
21 Hollow 7.5
21 Nylon 9.1
26 Hollow 8.1
26 Nylon 10.2


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