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Aku Strike Mimic T-16 Training Knife

The Aku Strike Mimic promotes realism training with instant visual and audible feedback via an LED and/or beeper alert selector switch. 


The frosted blade promotes a realistic look while training. The frosted finish illuminates the entire blade when contact is made. When performing drills, the frosting aids in visual tracking of the blade vs. the clear model.

The clear model blade allows the LED to shine through and light up the contact area slightly more so then the frosted blade. The clear has a unique look of its own and is equally realistic when training.

Note: In some of the photos, we have turned the light ON to show the effect of when you  make contact.

The BULK320 discount code cannot be used with Aku Strike products since they have a strict "Retail Only" price structure. Note: the nickle finish blade has been discontinued.

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