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Bulldog Batons with Sharp Ends

Use this version of Bulldog Baton with sharp edges for maximum compliance. More than a training tool, this baton has the proper mass, grip, and retention strap to be used for self defense. Not recommended for use on soft targets such as heavy bags or Bob's since puncturing will occur. If using this version for partner training, be careful practicing techniques such as nerve disruption or pressure points since sharp edges dramatically increase the effectiveness of the tool.

Adjust the included lanyard to lock the baton to your hand to prevent disarms.

Weights: 16"= 12 ounces, 18"= 14 ounces, 21"= 16 ounces

Diameter: 1.25"

Use our expandable sheath for belt attachment. Tip: Place baton in sheath for a day before 1st use to make the sheath conform to the baton.

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