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Compressor Clinch Pick

5.5"" overall length, 2.63" cutting edge, 1" thick. Made from our safety orange, high density rubber foam.

This training knife replicates the ShivWorks Clinch Pick designed and manufactured by Craig Douglas, aka Southnarc. The live blade is intended for reverse edge but our trainer will replicate reverse or forward edge equally well.

2 Models Now.....

- Use FLEX when not wearing body armor or helmets. This will allow the safest training experience since the training knife will "give" the most.

- Use FIRM for when "head hunting" with helmets or other body armor. This will prevent the training knife from flexing too much. DO NOT use this version without armor unless you are doing only moderate sparring work. Firm models can be identified by looking for the sealed hole on the pommel where the steel rod is inserted.

Shock absorbing tip and slightly flexible/ compressible blade edge will allow you to train harder and safer.

Sold individually.

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