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Compressor Draco

 The Compressor Draco series was developed with the evaluation by several "Force On Force" groups that wanted a heavy duty, safer, & battle ready trainer. During development, it was discovered that different lengths were desired depending upon application. Therefore, TAK developed 3 lengths to cover the range from shank to large pocket knife. The Draco series has a slightly flexible core and is made from our proprietary Safety Orange high density rubber foam and has:

- Larger tip geometry to spread forces over more body target,

- Larger tip Shock Absorber to soak up "punches",

- Pommel Shock Absorber for hammering strikes when in a clinch.


Model OAL Blade
Draco Shank 8.5" 3"
Draco 9.5" 4"
Draco Xtra 10.5" 5"


Sold individually. 

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