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Armado 6.5

This BasiX series is made from 1/2" High Density Polymer and needs no wrap for a comfortable secure grip. You can also upgrade to our BasiX+ model with Rubber Cord Grip which feels great and reduces shock when striking hard objects.

12" overall length, 6.5" cutting edge. Works well with Filipino or hammer fist grip. 

The Armado 6.5 is from Navarrete Knives (Josh Navarrete). Josh is a custom knife maker from Oregon who is a “Forged in Fire” champion.

This knife is the grandchild of a design that Josh developed over several years. “I have always wanted to design a knife that would embrace a simple rule that has been my mantra " Make it and keep it simple but efficient". We were very happy that Josh and TOPS gave us permission to make this fantastic blade. We hope you enjoy training with the Armado 6.5!

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