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Garab TFW

26" overall length, 17" cutting edge, 0.5" thick blade. 

Collaboration with Sifu Guru Ron Kosakowski, owner of Traditional Filipino Weapons. We love the Garab TFW. Very unique shaped blade geometry with the drop tip/ blade forward feel.

First of the models with our new TAK HYBRID GRIP. Many months of R&D went into this grip pattern and material selection. We prefer a rubber grip but many prefer cord for flow. AND... ALL of the TAK swords are made with SHOCK ABSORBING grips so you can use them against hard targets for extended duration. So, this grip accomplishes ALL OF THAT! The rubber on the top and bottom spine "attaches" to your palm, the cord on the side allows flow, and the 2 combined in a twist pattern provide the shock absorber. We also tapered the grip from top to bottom so your fingers wrap around correctly. The grip on a training sword is important and has to be DIFFERENT than a live blade. A rigid grip makes for a very uncomfortable training session when using a semi- rigid or hard dummy so we put a LOT of effort into the design!  



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