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Guardian Training Baton

- The TAK Guardian Training Baton is the perfect training tool for those that rely on an expandable or fixed baton for protection.
- Other than deployment techniques & low intensity drills, don't take the risk of damaging the sensitive mechanisms by using your expandable baton for training against targets. Repeated blows will raise burs, bend sections, and make indentations in the parts that slide and lock together. This puts you at the risk of having a failed deployment when you need it to work the most.
- Your Guardian Training Baton will allow you to strike full force against any target you desire. The slightly flexible polymer baton not only dampens the shock coming back to you but also dampens the shock to the target. The tip is also chamfered to keep the baton from cutting your bag or focus pads.
- If you carry an expandable baton- you need the Guardian Training Baton! Train Hard- your life depends on it!

Note: the 23", 24', 26", 28", & 29" lengths have been discontinued.

Review by: Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo / SinaTirsiaWali Kali (Click for more info)
I had the opportunity to train with the 16 inch Guardian Training Baton by myself, with my students, and had my students try it out also. This product you put together is amazing! The length was identical to the real thing. As I pounded away on several objects including a heavy bag, vs. a rattan stick, vs. a training blade, focus mitts, Thai pads, and an actual body, the training baton held its own! The students tried it during several bag rounds and we both came to the conclusion that the Guardian passed several tests: 1. durability   2. safety   3. and its ability to mimic the exact proportions to the ASP One important thing that all students loved was the grip. Regardless how hard you struck a target or how fast you swung the Guardian, it never had the tendency to slip out of the hand. This is a very effective training baton. Questions students had were:   1. Will the Guardian tend to bend as the length is increased?   2. What lengths will be available?   (Answer from TAK: Yes, the longer training batons will have a small amount of flex or deflection. This works in you and your partner's favor for training since it dampens shock & vibration to your hands and partner's body. We decided to make all popular lengths including a few cross over lengths such as 26" and 28" for FMA practitioners. These lengths will allow you to train Escrima with your Guardian Training Baton and now you are bridging your FMA training with a tool that replicates your carry baton.)I know as my students work more with the baton, they will all be interested in purchasing the product. We train a lot with the ASP so this is one great product! Congratulations John, you did it again! Another A++ product.