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Rawlings Messer Sparring Sword

This Messer Sparing Sword is designed by Dave Rawlings and manufactured by Red Dragon Armory in the UK. Red Dragon is highly respected in the HEMA, WMA, and SCA community for providing well made and highly functional training equipment.

The guard can be configured for left or right hand users. This rubber gripped Proline Extreme Messer is manufactured from a high impact polymer. It has a steel insert that extends from the blade, through the handle, into the pommel for a solid feel.
Dave Rawlings designed these swords so that the tip flexes with a thrust. It is not an "easy" flex but these were designed for use with intensity and with a sword of this size, if it did not flex, you would severely injure your partner unless you were in full battle gear.

Total Length 37.4", Blade Length 30", 1.6 Lbs

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