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S 320 C Training Gun

The S 320 C FIRM has a steel rod in the barrel/ slide area to allow heavy duty strips with no flexing in the area being torqued. 

Also available is the S 320 C FLEX to allow grappling/ Jiu Jitsu/ Ground Work where rolling may jam the gun into rib cages. These models will give a little to help prevent injuries. They work well for stripping drills also and will flex a little when torquing the barrel.

Modeled after the Sig P320 Compact, standard issue sidearm for the Air Force and Navy. Very popular for concealed carry civilian use. Use the TAK Impactor S 320 C for reality based hand-to-hand training. Weight: 6 oz.

Solid color Safety Orange conforms to stringent laws in some areas.

P320 is a registered trademark of SIG Sauer, Inc.

Note: The video shows the G17 Impactor but the concepts are the same. The black/ orange tip models were discontinued due to more stringent laws requiring color & marking.



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