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Bodyguard IMPACT Escrima Stick

The Flash Escrima Stick is available in 6 lengths. This is a  medium weight stick that is near to high grade dense rattan. Price is per stick. Sticks are made when ordered so please allow 2 days for production. 

Type Diam. Oz's. Notes
Straight grain smooth rattan 1" 6.4 Lightweight stick. Very smooth grain
TAK Bodyguard "Flash" 1" 6.6 Lightweight polymer stick; very fast & strong
 Straight grain plain rattan 1" 7.5 Entry level stick for speed
 Rattan w/ nodes, sample 1 1" 8 Traditional classroom stick
 TAK Bodyguard "Speed" 1" 8.1 Polymer stick close in weight to lighter rattan
 Waxwood 15/16" 8.6 Smooth stick; no nodes
 TAK Bodyguard "Force" 7/8" 9 Smaller diameter middle weight stick
 Rattan w/ nodes, sample 2 1" 9 Traditional classroom stick
 TAK Bodyguard "Impact" 1" 9.7 Polymer stick close in weight to rattan
 Bahi 7/8" 11.3 Heavier small diameter stick; very dense wood 
 TAK Bodyguard "Max" 1" 13  Polymer stick, near kamagong weight, not as rigid
Rattan, big grip, sample 1 1 3/8" 13  Very large grip, used for strength training
Kamagong 7/8" 13.2  Heavy, strength training, too heavy for sparring
Cold Steel Polypropylene 1" 13.6  Heavy, manufacturer's specs are 32" at 15 + oz's
Kamagong 15/16" 14.6 Heavy, strength training, too heavy for sparring
Rattan, big grip, sample 2 1 3/8" 15 Very large grip, used for strength training

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