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Why Blocking is Useless! (not really, but read on)

There are a couple of blogs I like to read. Brian VanCise & Hock Hochheim are 2 of my favorites. Looking through Brian's blog today, I saw a great video he posted from Funker Tactical. Let me tell you, from someone who has kickboxed and been in actual fights, I can tell you this video is SPOT ON! I know I'm striking a nerve with the many instructors that teach blocking systems and I have studied them for years also. BUT.... in a real fight, you need to close the gap and get on the offensive immediately! NEVER stand back and block.... you will get knocked out. Get in close and go for the targets not shown in this video also. They are playing nice since they are creating Police scenarios. If you are studying Martial Arts for Self Defense (vs exercise) and, at some point, your instructor is not creating actual fight scenarios to try what you're studying... get out of there! My 2 cents... every MA needs to have a toolbox which includes punching, slapping, chokes (and defense from a choke), and strikes/ kicks I won't mentioned here. Grappling skills are important too BUT remember this.... the goal is to END THE ALTERCATION quickly.... not fight. When you are out in public with the wife and kids, you have to eliminate your threats quickly to protect them. So know what your most devastating strikes are and keep them at the top of your toolbox.