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Keep It Simple!

This is a really good clip from Funker Tactical. It's important to know how to use improvised weapons such as a flashlight, palm stick, Worden Travel Wrench or Saf-T-Wrench,  etc. There are times when you cannot carry a gun or even a knife (try to get in a concert now with a knife let alone TSA). Empty hands is usually your starting point in a fight. Having something you can transition to or even better, have at the ready when needed, will give you an extra margin of effectiveness IF you use it properly. And that's what I like about this video. It shows the use of gross, natural motor skills in the strikes and for some of you, you see the FMA checking come into play.

A long time ago, I was in a Hoch seminar and he made a point so strong it has stuck with me till now. He said "I've got 75 tools (techniques) in my bag that I can do but when a real fight occurs, I'm probably only going to use 5 or 6 and they are all very basic." He went on to talk about how everybody has certain techniques that feel "right" to them and those should be your "go to" tools. So, with improvised weapons, you need to practice with them, not just carry them and hope that when you need to execute, some scenario you had in your head will work. It's only thru pell/ Bob/ partner training that you going to know that "your" technique will feel right to you. So grab a pair of gloves and a throwaway flashlight, watch the video, and go try the same techniques. Do the drills, find 'your" favorite strikes/ defends, then practice 10 minutes every other day for a month, and you will "burn" the motions into you to become automatic.