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New CDHK Karambit with Dennis Ocampo

Our friend Dennis Ocampo of the Sina Tirsia Wali Kali System recently did a training video for the new CDHK Folding Karambit. Take a look at the video to see Dennis properly demonstrate the techniques and pay attention to the targets. The Karambit is a tricky knife to get used to. If you've mostly used straight blades, it takes a while to get comfortable with the proper wrist rotations to make effective cuts. Dennis makes it look easy but this is a man of mad skills! I have watched Dennis at seminars before and am amazed at his lightening speed, intensity, and quick reflexes. Enjoy!



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John Martin
John Martin

February 06, 2018

Having attended a few seminars with Dennis, this video really doesn’t capture his speed or ability.

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