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I used to work out of town with a guy a few years ago and every day when we left a jobsite, this guy would say "Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer..........." like a broken record until I took him to a restaurant or bar. Every question was answered with "Beer". This would go on for 30 minutes or more. Every day.

The only thing better than beer is COLD beer! And, the best way to keep beer cold is with a Koozie. Our Koozies are scientifically superior to all others. Made from Unobtainium coated with flux particles, our Koozies will keep beer ice cold forever. They defy the laws of thermodynamics. How do we sell them so cheap? We feel it is our mission in life to provide you with cold beer and for that, we almost give these away.

No man should have to suffer drinking warm beer!

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