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Escrima Stick Tape

• These tapes for Escrima Sticks were tested against many brands and picked for their proper characteristics for stick use. Big roll, low odor, high quality were key considerations.

• For the hand area, use Grip Tape for maximum connection to the hand. Use the Hockey Tape if you would like a textured grip without the tack that Grip Tape provides.

• For Rattan stick wraping to prevent fraying, use the Hockey Tape in the striking area.

• A small wrap on the punyo makes a huge difference in control while allowing a light grip. A full wrap of Grip Tape really anchors the stick to your palm.

• You can also use these tapes to fatten up the grips on your training knives, live blades, hand tools, hatchets, sporting goods (hockey sticks, baseball bats) - anything that you would like to have a more secure grip.

• 60 foot rolls. Enough for a LOT of grips!

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