SofStx Padded Training Knives

Both the Wedge and Sharp models are excellent for edge awareness. Both have unbreakable nylon cores.

The Wedge model has a large and flatter surface to deliver an evenly distributed "punch" on thrusts. Tip at the widest is 1 5/8" across to disperse stab impact.

The Sharp model has a tapered tanto tip which will compress upon contact. The tapered tip gives more exact targeting feedback since it has more of a point. Tip at the widest is 1" and compresses quickly due to the tanto tip.

 Length (in) Shape ~ Weight (oz)
8 Wedge 2.4
8 Sharp 2.5
10 Wedge 2.6
10 Sharp 3
12 Wedge 3
12 Sharp 3.5

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