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Staff 101 with Datu Kelly Worden

We have been very lucky to have Datu Worden in Virginia Beach for the last ~6 years for Water & Steel East. Datu is an excellent instructor and has great history lessons of the great but gone fighters he trained with through his career. If you ever get the chance, do not hesitate to attend his class- you will not regret it!

Here is an example of Datu's teachings utilizing the staff. There is an entire series of staff videos on this YouTube channel but this is the beginning of the instruction. You could use these videos on your own to pick up the basics. I especially like how you can relate this staff work to a walking stick and Datu's use of a FMA numbering system helps to pull it together in your head. Another point he makes is that it came together for him when he started using the staff against a heavy bag. That is a great point since many moves look cool but lack power. Using an 80 pound bag will give you the appropriate feedback (movement/ bounce) to know if that strike will work in real life or are you just pissing your opponent off more! I relate it to using a reverse grip for a knife. Looks good but when you actually try to cut material on a pell with a reverse grip live blade, you realize that you are going to need a LOT of practice to make your cuts as effective anywhere close to a forward grip. Enjoy!