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Fumio Demura!

3-25-16 Update: "The Real Miyagi" is now on Netflix. Just watched it- Fantastic!

When I was a teenager, I wanted to learn nunchaku so I bought 2 books by Fumio Demura, "Nunchaku" and "Advanced Nunchaku". I practiced several years just using the books, my heavy bag, and backyard trees. So here we are 40 years later and I Googled him. He is still alive and there is even a movie coming out about him! Take a look at the trailer. I learned so much from his books and am very grateful that a film has been made of his legacy. I used to stand in the backyard for about an hour a night, studying the images on the pages, trying to figure out what happened between picture 5 and 6. No YouTube videos then! Never heard of Fumio Demura? Watch the video; if you are into MA, you will be surprised. Enjoy .....


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