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November 13-15, 2015: Virginia Beach, VA – “MBC on the Beach” with Michael Janich

In this seminar, Michael Janich presented comprehensive instruction in the fundamental skills of his Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system and expanded on those skills to introduce progressive training methods that support higher skill development with edged and improvised weapons.

The 2015 MBC on the Beach event also featured an expanded three-day format to include Janich’s streamlined approach to stick and long-blade fighting (Sobadiwan Eskrima), unarmed combative skills, ground fighting tactics, and other instructional topics based on student interests.

Michael will be back in 2016 (Veteran's Day Weekend) for another session. If you have any questions, contact the event host and promoter:

Gary Mah at garymah3@cox.net or 757-589-4030