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Reality Based Training!

Surfing some of my favorite MA sites the other day and came across a post on Brian VanCise's "Instinctive Edge" web page that referenced these videos.

No matter how or what you train- the type of reality based training in the below videos has to be practiced.

All the flow drills in the world will not prepare you for a real attack. Listen carefully to what Deane Lawler is saying. The key takeaway is that there is no prior warning in most cases. He's not talking about a bar brawl where escalation occurs and you know it's going to happen. He is talking about a criminal who is going to be as effective and crude as possible to disable you. Basically- an ambush.

And- this is why we make and sell the best training knives for this type of all out training. You cannot train like this with heavy aluminum training knives. You will seriously injure your partner. Even if you strike at 25% of this, you will seriously injure your partner with aluminum training knives. Our lighter polycarbonate training blades with wide striking surfaces allow for moderate contact. Our Compressor series allows for the type of training in these videos (look at what they are using). And right in the middle are the Nok Hard Contact training knives which allow for full contact training but you will feel the impact.

Reality Based Training means training for hard core real life situations, not using blunt impact objects because they look good and feel heavy. Gear up for Reality Based Training and get ready for the real world!