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This was a pleasant surprise! Ferdinand Terado picked up a few of our hawks and I was really amazed with this video he produced. Great application of FMA techniques to a frontier weapon designed by Col. Dwight McLemore and made by Tim Ridge of Swamp Fox knives. Dwight is a good friend and when he produced the Fighting Tomahawk video with Paladin Press, we made trainers to mimic the live hawk.
Ferd is a certified Guro in the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System and leads the PTK-SMF Peninsula affiliate group. He has many great videos so don't stop watching after this one!
I received my tomahawk trainers yesterday, thank you! Gotta say, fantastic product! I couldn't wait to go outside and play with them, hahaha! Even shot a video, I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!


A little more on the The Fighting Tomahawk video. If this is not in your collection, it should be. It is one of the best produced videos so hats off to Paladin Press. This clip shows only one small segment of the video but every chapter is so different than the other, it is amazing to watch. It covers the historical perspective, how to train, actual fight scenarios, training equipment, and more.

The Fighting Tomahawk DVD