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Princeton, NJ Karambit Seminar Sunday July 19, 2015

Justifiable Force's Karambit Combatives Seminar occurred on July 19, 2015. All attendees received a TAK Training Karambit! Michael Wolhfert teaches very practical combatives classes. If you are in the NJ, PA, NY region, you owe it to yourself to check out his website and school.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustifiableForce

Justifiable Force website: http://www.justifiableforcetraining.com/

For more info, call: (908) 723-2255

Expandable Sheath for Training Knives and Training Batons

We've been promising this for a long time. We now, finally, have sheaths for small to medium sized Training Knives!

Use them on a belt, gi, or sweats; the clip attached securly to all!

Watch the video for examples of knives that fit this sheath and the different carry options with rotation of the sheath.

Red Dragon Armory HEMA Swords designed by Dave Rawlings

TAK now stocks 4 models of Training Swords produced by the Red Dragon Armory and designed by Dave Rawlings.

 These high impact polymer swords are excellent for high intensity sparring. We selected Rawlings since they are highly respected in the HEMA, WMA, SCA, and LARP communities.

 These swords are manufactured in the UK at the Red Dragon facility and feature steel inserts in the blade. The insert passes through the handle and secures the pommel. They come with rubber grips that give superior tactile connection to the hand. We stock the swords with a silver blade, black guard, and brown grip for maximum realism.

Nok Hard Contact Training Knives

For many years, we have been impressed by Nok Knives. Our training philosophy is that you should train hard and the only way to do this is to use tools that allow contact.

Our polycarbonate TAK Knives already allow several magnitudes of harder training than aluminum trainers and now the Nok Knives allow you to amp up your training even more. They posisition well  between our TAK Trainers and the compressible Bogner Drill Blades.

 We are stocking 14 models! Do yourself a favor a toss a few of these in your bag for when you are training as if your life depended on it!


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