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T- Shirt, black, pocket logo

60/ 40 blend soft & tapered athletic fit T shirt.

Available in our favorite color..... BAD ASS BLACK!

So these black shirts will allow you to walk around and adsorb all visible light within your reach. A side effect of this is you will also absorb everyone's energy that comes near you. Therefore, the energy absorbing function of the shirt plus our bad ass logo will leave everyone quivering in fear and amazement when you walk into a room. Trust us... it works!

This is NOT a promotional quality shirt. We upgraded the selection 4 levels to make sure these shirts would be your favorite to wear due to fit, feel, and of course the superpower function.

Many thanks to our friend Andy Keyworth for providing the cool pics. Andy was one of the talent in Dwight McLemore's video "The Fighting Tomahawk" and runs the Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo way up north from us. Check him out on his Facebook page Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo

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Type: Clothing

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